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Compositional Works

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Check out some of my work on IMSLP Petrucci Music Library (International Music Score Library Project) by clicking the logo to the right or simply search for William Fritz in the IMSLP database of composers.


These works are made available for free, so please download and look through them, and pass them on to others!  If you want to drop a line and tell me about your experience with my compositions, please feel free to contact me.

Below are some of my works along with my personal notes along with some related links. Enjoy!

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Click logo above to view works by William Fritz on the International Music Score Library Project

"Suite Modern" is a 3 movement piano work exploring modern compositional techniques.   The work was seven years in the making - the recording you can hear to the right is a sampled version rendered through the magic of technology - stay tuned for a live recording!


The first movement works in "angular" harmony and counterpoint to evoke sharp turning and unfolding key centers.  Lapis Angularis means "cornerstone" and is a Biblical reference from Psalm 118:22 The stone which the builders rejected Has become the chief corner stone. 

The second movement Rosee d'Hermon (the Dew of Hermon) plumbs the depth of divine intervention and how radically different our lives become in the shadow of grace.  This movement uses the "Mystic Chord" of Alexander Scriabin as a starting point and uses an almost atonal pallet as a backdrop upon which the theme develops.  This title is also taken from the Psalms: It is like the dew of Hermon falling on Zion's mountains. For there the LORD commanded his blessing— life everlasting. Ps 133:3

The Final movement is a Sonata form tour-de-force that uses modal and contrasting themes to explore the battle between a good-hearted but simple jester (the Fool) and a sharp-witted, manupulative travelling scholar (the Bard).  Near the end, the jester gets the upper hand in the argument, but the scholar takes his venegance out in brutal fashion.

These movements were the source of inspiration for an inspired work of art: Suite Modern painted by Grace Maria Oakley.  When viewed with the music - the colors, lines and swirls come alive and pirouette.  Find out more about her and her artwork at the link to the right. 

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Click to view the art of Grace Maria Oakley

"Organista Minimalista" is a 5 movement organ work inspired by the Hours of Prayer throughout the day.  Using minimalist devices, as well as my own love of Gregorian Chant, the pieces seek to instill the player and listener with an insight into each particular slice of the day or night.

The score for "Organista Minimalista" can be purchased on Lulu and the tracks can be downloaded or streamed from your favorite online music services linked below. Please leave a review and if you would like to support my work - spending $5 to download the tracks would be greatly appreciated : )  

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Click logo above to purchase the

score for "Organista Minimalista"

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