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About Me

William Fritz is a composer, pianist, organist, liturgical musician and director of music at St. John the Baptist Parish in Costa Mesa, CA.  His musical journey began when he lay under the piano while his older sisters practiced for their lessons.  From there, he convinced his parents to start him on piano lessons, but not before he had composed his first piano piece.


In high school, he discovered the beauty of chant, attending the St. Michael's College Prep school, where he had the joy of listening to the canons chant the Mass and Compline every day.


He joined St. Michael's Abbey as a seminarian and for nine years dedicated himself to learning the life they lived.  While there, he began organ training, and a rigorous, hands-on approach to Gregorian chant.


The approach William has to music has always been deeply molded by the spirit and technique of plainchant through the nine years he spent daily singing and studying with the Norbertine canons.

This means that musicality and depth can be found in the simplest melodies and rhythms.  It is important for the aspiring musician to learn to hear music, and not to take it for granted.

Classes Offered

Playing Piano
Writing Music

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