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Organ Lessons:
antique Organ
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People often say "I know how to play piano, so I can definitely play organ!"  Although there is a similar shape as well as white and black keys, there are many important differences to organ playing that go a long way to produce beautiful music.

The Cyprian Studios​ teaching method for organ playing is similar to the other areas of course work we offer; there is a comprehensive look at technique, form, analysis and interpretation.  Both improvisation and sight reading hold a unique place in the skill set of an organist but perhaps more so than with other instruments, an organist should know the historical playing style of the piece in question. 

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Our organ classes will cover:

  • Pedal technique

  • Organ finger technique

  • Registration and organ sounds

  • Techniques for improvisation

  • Playing by ear

  • Reading music scores

  • Analyzing harmony at a glance

  • Knowledge of forms

  • Performance technique

  • Historical knowledge of composers

  • Using YouTube to your advantage and much more!

Organ Lessons in the Context of Liturgical Application:
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If you are interested in taking lessons please check out our Scheduling Page to start the process.

You can also head on over to Contact to ask any questions you might have!

Due to the inherently religious nature of the organ, this course is not available to students wishing to use Public Charter School funds.

Cyprian Studios teaches many students who are interested in contributing to their Church or Parish through Organ playing. Organ lessons that focus on playing at a church service will feature the following:

  • How to lead a singing congregation

  • Anticipating the needs of the Pastor or Priest

  • Techniques for playing hymns (variations, intros etc.)

  • Learn how to transpose pieces as needed

  • Proper registration and legal use of musical pieces

  • How to end a piece properly or early (if needed)

  • Sight reading & learning new pieces fast and much more!

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