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Composition and Music Theory Lessons:
Writing Music
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Have you ever gotten the itch to write down a musical idea you had in your head?  Do you wonder what makes music “tick”? We offer composition lessons to be able to:

Sheet Music
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  • Tap into your creative mind

  • Organize / plan the project in musical and extra-musical ways

  • Learn several different methods of writing

  • Learn form, and how to use form to help you create

  • Improvise!  (which is composing on the fly!)

  • Listen to your inner ear

  • Listen to music analytically (and then listen for fun again!)


  • ​Classical forms and traditional 4-part writing

  • Crafting themes and developing your ideas

  • Developmental music vs. expository music

  • How harmony works

  • Small and large forms

  • How to learn from the greats

  • How to use computers

  • Getting your music out there!

  • Understanding of the many modes and scales available

  • Modern styles of harmony

  • Orchestration techniques

  • Notation limitations & ways to successfully convey your thoughts to a performer

  • How to listen to your own writing with a critical (but open) mind

Techniques and Styles that we cover range from:

These lessons can easily be customized to fit to your needs.  The only goal I have is to give you the breadth of knowledge to hone your own craft!

For composition lessons, there is a big overlap with music theory.  I can start off by focusing more on the traditional study of theory – which follows a general course, and then later focus on how to apply these things to your own creative process.

If you are interested in taking lessons please check out our Scheduling Page to start the process.

You can also head on over to Contact to ask any questions you might have!

Composition Lessons offered to students using Public Charter School funds are non-sectarian.

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