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Chant Lessons:
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Have you ever wanted to learn to sing Gregorian chant?  Want to be able to read ancient music?  Are you interested in learning another way to think about music?  Do you want to learn about the history of liturgical music?​ If you answered YES! to any of these questions please join Cyprian Studios for a chant class! We can tailor our private Gregorian chant classes to emphasize:

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  • Performing / reading Chant notation

  • Techniques for singing chant (as opposed to other kinds of singing)

  • The history & development of musical notation

  • Medieval modal theory

  • Theories of rhythm within chant

We are also offering throughout the year a course that features Gregorian chant primarily geared for children and teens. This class will focus on the following:

  • The faith behind Gregorian chant

  • How music affects faith and faith affects music

  • History of liturgical music

  • Study of some of the Saints & others who wrote music

  • Theology of art

  • How beauty and art (especially music) tells us about God

If you are interested in taking lessons please check out our Scheduling Page to start the process.  You will find private Chant Classes under the Private Lessons heading.


If you are interested in the Group Class please head on over to Contact Me to get in touch and find out the availability of the class and pricing or just feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Due to the inherently religious nature of chant, this course is not offered to students wishing to use Public Charter School funds.

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